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Xx Love can build or break Love can cure or give ache If one's kindness is fake Soon apply the brake If one kindly proposes And the other refuses Wisdom, if one chooses Peace, it then produces Love is to heart a fuel No love is indeed cruel Love's power is dual 1 is loyal, two, no duel Love multiplies courage And ends one's rage It heals at every stage Is it not an advantage !

I pull out my cock, climb on top of you, and insert it slowly.

It's not your fault, I abused your trust Let you down, fucked you over but by needs must. But I miss you dearly my second mum Stuck in the middle, you had to choose I know that now, I was bound to loose But fighting so much, against a few Has left me weak and needing you. I start rubbing in a circular motion, only to hear your slight moan. Once I reach your panties, I’ll bite them and tug them off. And then I stop, seeing that you began moving your body to my tongue.

I guess what I mean, or want to say Is I miss you dearly in every way. Your clit is dripping with juice and I take one final lick to clean it up.

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Killer line: "This heart of mine has been hurt before/This time I wanna be sure" Style Council - You’re the Best Thing (1984) After breaking up the Jam, Paul Weller wanted to stop shouting about the world and instead turned out a beautiful homage to his motown heroes.Champaign - How ’Bout Us (1981) A ballad that seemed to set the template for ’80s love songs: gently throbbing bass, boy-girl dialogue, critical sax solo.