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Sam stands alone by a window that looks into the backyard. KITCHEN - DUSK As they set down the packing boxes and Seth starts to assemble them. you're too narcissistic to commit to another human being in a long- term way. A number of friends and relatives talk quietly in the living room beyond. To be completely honest, Seattle’s gay culture is not limited to Capitol Hill, our “traditionally” gay neighborhood.Instead, you’ll find that Seattle’s LGBTQ scene can be found throughout the city: from Beacon Hill to Ballard, from Wallingford to Westlake, Seattle’s been gay-friendly for as long as anyone can remember. C'mon, c'mon, c'mon -- And pull back to reveal: EXT. We can see a garden of flowers -- clearly planted by Sam's wife. And not to worry, we’ll make it as easy as possible.We combine our matchmaker’s intuition with the information and feedback we’ve gathered from you in our conversations: what’s important to you, what’s worked, what hasn’t. Our matchmakers are committed to knowing their clients, not just on paper, but on a true human level thanks to our regular interaction and communication with you.

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Because, in the end, meeting someone face-to-face is the only way to see if sparks fly.

– John Waters A true Seattle holiday original, Dina Martina delivers one of the most festive, invigorating and ingeniously funny evenings you’ll be likely to have. The Seattle Men’s Chorus and Seattle Women’s Chorus make up North America’s largest community chorus organization, and the largest LGBT-identified men’s and women’s choruses in the world.

Check out the larger choruses, or see a performance from one of their smaller sibling groups, Captain Smartypants and Sensible Shoes.

S L E E P L E S S I N S E A T T L E by Jeff Arch Rewritten: Nora Ephron & Delia Ephron May 10, 1992 -------------------------------------------------------------- FADE IN: CLOSE ON SAM BALDWIN A card: Chicago. His neck is pinched into a crisp dress shirt and tie. SAM Mommy got sick and it happened just like that and there was nothing anybody would do. CHICAGO - A GRAVESITE - DAY Next to Sam is his son Jonah, age 9. As the mourners go past and each takes a turn shoveling a clod of dirt into an open grave -- SAM If we start asking why we'll go crazy.

In the distance the architecture of the Chicago skyline. CUT TO: CLOSE ON ANNIE REED Pretty, blonde, animated.

They're carrying packing boxes into the house they share in the Old Town section of Chicago.