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04-Jan-2017 13:07

grand opening ceremony on Apr.7th Daimler Trucks Asia Taiwan Ltd.(DTAT) grand opening ceremony was held on Apr.7th in Grand Hotel.Dating app Paktor, often dubbed ‘The Tinder of Southeast Asia,’ just sealed up its move into live-streaming and media content after it announced a merger deal with Taiwanese startup 17 Media.Under the deal, a new company called M17 Entertainment has been created with shares from both Paktor and 17 Media, company representatives confirmed.So by now it has been two and a half months since I came back to California after living in Taiwan for three years.People ask me how my love life was during that time, and I can safely say that what ended up happening was not what most people would expect, least of all me.FUSO products have been sold in Taiwan through SYC who became Fuso distributor in 1958.FUSO has been #1 since 1991 with So M 33.6% in 2016.

Growing with You-Success in Taiwan FUSO brand new distributor Daimler Trucks Asia Taiwan Ltd.In California I was accustomed to guys approaching me, or guy friends showing interest from time to time.I always felt if I didn’t have one dating option, I’d have one on the horizon relatively soon.I took it for granted, even deciding at one point to completely shut off my dating life.

I stayed abstinent for nearly two years, purposely staying away from potential drama while trying to “find my own independence” and “learn to love myself” and such crap.

"Tinder is bright red, whereas we take toned down colors like blue, purple, green -- it calms," said Joseph Phua, founder of Singapore-based dating app Paktor.