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She was catapulted to worldwide attention and was variously called "a revelation", "believable and raw", and "magnetic".

Daniel Montgomery of the Gold Derby thought of her as an early frontrunner for an Emmy Award nomination.

Then he apologized for what happened before he arrived.

When Hannah started to ignore him again, he went back to sit with his friends and they teased him about not landing a date with Hannah and didn't say anything against her.

Prior to now, there were clues, like all the anonymous little birds speaking to various outlets. Then there was the old post-and-delete—a classic maneuver—spurred by excitement over a new thing and maybe some chilled pinot grigio. It’s possible that the two are a long way from public dinners and red carpets, but maybe we’re not so far from a sanctioned selfie together, a small bone thrown to a hungry fandom.

“Jennifer and Alex are both not looking for a relationship, just a good lighthearted time,” one told E! “Alex went to [her “All I Have” Planet Hollywood show in Vegas] a couple of weeks ago, with his friends, and he was blown away,” another told Page Six. Lopez posted a video to Instagram stories of their canoodling before thinking better of it and deleting it. It’s too soon to tell how far it’ll all go, but no matter what happens, they’ll always have the Bahamas.

In Peer Communications, there is a system where students can speak positively to each other anonymously.

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I couldn't hide it from my family, and I didn't want to hide it from my family.

At the beginning of the series, Hannah Baker, a junior at Liberty High School, commits suicide by slitting her wrists (by taking "a bunch of pills" in the novel).