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They want her attend church on Sunday, but don’t want her to truly live her life according to God’s Holy Word. Simple…men do this and think this way because we as God fearing Christian women allow it. We allow it because our commitment to earthly men is stronger than our commitment to the Man who made us, and we fear being alone. Because deep down, some of us who profess to be God-fearing, Christian women do not truly live our lives for God as we should, and because we do not live our lives for God as we should, we do not set standards for our relationships and stand by them.If more women would do more than profess Christianity and fear of God and actually lived in that manner, men would have no other choice but to honor a Christian woman’s lifestyle. Also, if more women lived in a manner according to God’s Holy Word, we would know that we do not have to fear being alone because the man God has for us is waiting in the wings, but we won’t know who he is or recognize him if we continue to settle for mediocre relationships that don’t honor God, or honor the God-fearing lives that we struggle to live out daily.11 Reasons Men Who Go To Church Make The BEST Husbands As a single Christian woman, this isn't exactly what I wanted to hear.I've been attending Christian churches for a substantial chunk of my life, and it stands to reason that I've often thought I might meet my future husband there.

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This might sound harsh, but I promise you it’s a standard worth implementing.

That even goes for married people and single people," he said.

"As a married man, when I'm on the road, I even have to look for that look …

It's like, 'run away.'"He added, "It doesn't have to be overtly this really loud thing.

It can be really subtle, I think."Michael Jr., who has been married for nine years, chimed in, stating, "I think it's really unattractive when a woman is doing too much to be attractive."It's not endearing at all," he said, adding, "We were built for that, to pursue, and if it flips I'm like, 'Nah, I'm good.'"So how does a woman show she might be interested in a man without "putting herself out there too far? According to Whittaker, married for 13 years and occasionally on the road, there is the universal "look" a woman might give to signal her interest in a man."It just takes a look.

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