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A harried mother stands in front of her small, beehive-shaped house and watches two young men playing chunkey - a lacrosse-type game - in the central plaza of her village.She gazes wistfully across the plaza, which is surrounded by houses similar to her own.This technique is known as cross dating; it was first developed by Sir Flinders Petrie when he dated Palestinian and early Greek (Aegean) sites by reference to Egyptian ones.Much of the prehistoric chronology of Europe in the...

A dozen well-bundled men are excavating the remains of the nine-hundred-year-old village, located in what is now a farmer's cornfield.Tephrochronology is consequently a truly global dating tool, with applications increasingly widespread across a range of Quaternary and geoscience disciplines.This special issue of the International Focus Group on Tephrochronology and Volcanism (INTAV) showcases some of the many recent advances in tephrochronology, from methodological developments to diverse applications across volcanological, archaeological, and palaeoclimatological research.The particular advantage of luminescence dating is that the method provides a date for the archaeological artefact or deposit itself, rather than for organic material in assumed association.

In the case of OSL sediment dating, suitable material (sand or silt-sized grains of quartz and feldspar) is usually available ubiquitously throughout the site.

Perhaps annoyed and a bit saddened, the young mother scoops up the broken pieces and tosses them into a nearby pit.

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