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Moreover, his research has demonstrated that proximal negative affect increases the odds of dating violence perpetration; that numerous factors are related to the perpetration of dating violence (e.g., emotion regulation deficits, trait mindfulness, anger management); that psychological aggression may result in reinforcing consequences for perpetrators, thus increasing the risk for future violence; and that victims of dating violence are at increased risk for substance use the day following victimization. Shorey’s current line of research includes (1) examining genotypic and phenotypic moderators of the temporal association between alcohol use and dating violence among young adult couples (2) whether integrating alcohol interventions into bystander and social norms interventions improves sexual assault outcomes, and (3) longitudinal predictors of dating violence and sexual assault perpetration. Examining the reactions to intimate partner violence research participation among women in substance use treatment: Does shame-proneness matter? He focuses heavily on evaluating and testing theoretical models of dating violence and sexual assault in an effort to gain a clearer understanding of how to develop prevention and intervention programs aimed at reducing these harmful behaviors. Shorey’s research has demonstrated the temporal relationship between substance use and dating violence, such that dating violence perpetration is more likely to occur on drinking days relative to non-drinking days.

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He is also interested in how mindfulness-based interventions can be successfully integrated into both substance use and violence intervention and prevention programs. C., Strauss, C., Elmquist, J., Anderson, S., & Stuart, G.

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