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18-May-2016 07:56

When you give a friend advice, you are implying that he or she isn’t competent to handle the situation on her own.

Even if you don’t explicitly say this, it is implied by the fact that you feel the need to offer the advice.

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Or maybe we see a problem that we think a friend isn’t fully aware of, and we want to draw it to his or her attention to help her solve it.

We've been on and off until I stopped it last year.

Then this past November I decided to give it a try again.

But even before you’ve agreed to meet someone, there may be warning signs of impending dating disaster … Our best online dating advice: before you respond to that next wink or personal message, start watching out for these red flags. A Picture That’s Worth Less Than a Thousand Words It’s normal to be suspicious of people whose pictures are blurry or far away, full of other random people, or purposely vague.

If a guy’s profile is full of shots of him in sunglasses, dressed up for Halloween, or in miniature in front of the Great Wall of China, it’s hard not to suspect that he’s hiding something.

The thing is, from the beginning he told me he didn't wanted to have anything serious.